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Casey Newman

My Story

When our oldest was starting to color and (in 2017) we could not find any Orthodox resources in English. So, I began drawing saints for him to color. Shortly after I began posting them for free use and @sparks4orthodox was born. Without seeing God’s plan, I spent years practicing my line work and forms as a ‘Mama project’ for my kids.

And then the COVID lockdown during Lent made us more creative. While my husband focused on chant, I renewed my focus on painting. Iconography has been my time of evening meditation. When the house is quiet, and the children asleep, I can quiet my heart.

I started with the patron saints of my children, and then the other children in our community. With the encouragement of the priests in my life, I continued to practice and build skills. The sustained prayer with iconography in the evenings has been a spiritual blessing. I find it a perfect way to end the night.

St Constantine the Great
St James the Brother of the Lord

I look forward to helping more families grow their home prayer corner with handpainted icons.