Welcome, please take a look around at my portfolio of icon consignments as well as my Sparks line, based on my Sparks4Orthodox drawings that started me on this journey. I also share some fun art pieces that I have been inspired to create. Links for prints will be available (this is a work in progress)

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,

for He has been mindful of the humble state of His servant

Luke 1:46-48


My name is Casey, I was chrismated Kassiani when I joined the Orthodox Church in 2005. I grew up Baptist, and by high school I was living in the art room and painting all the time. But I was left to my own imagination and frustrations trying to use my art as a medium for my faith…

As a catechumen, I was hesitant to embrace iconography. By the end of my talks with the priest (now my Father in-law) and reading, I found something I had unknowingly been trying to create. But better! Over the years I had the privilege of participating in iconography sessions. As a teacher and new mother, it was not the time for me to study a new trade.

Real icons in their new homes

Over the years, Sparks gave me connections with other Orthodox businesses. I have collaborated with St Tabithas Workshop converting my drawings into brightly colored non-icon paintings that she turns into fabric projects.

My Family

Sparks Line work

My kids spark my faith, they are the reason I got back into drawing. I have learned so much about saints, iconography and prayer through the years in preparing sunday school lessons and fulfilling requests for @sparks4orthodox . Around 2016, I began drawing saints for my kids to color while we talked about saints, then I started posting them for other moms to use too. This became my service while home with my own small kids. They learned to read icons well before they learned their letters. So when I began practicing iconography I began by giving the kids around us icons of their patron saints. I offer discounts for family sets, to help parents give all their kids an icon. I will continue to offer these FREE COLORING PAGES.

Thank you for getting to know me.

For the past few years, I have been practicing the layering required for an icon to be properly created according to tradition. With the blessing and encouragement of the priests in our lives, I have been working with imitation goldleaf and both acrylic and egg tempera. Egg tempera prices are higher because the slower drying time makes for slower work. I prepare my own boards, saving me the cost of buying pre-gessoed icon panels. My goal is to keep the prices budget friendly for families.

A single saint on a board up to 10 inches starts at $100 for acrylic and $200 for egg tempera with a $20 fee for imitation gold leaf halo. Please contact me directly to to consign an icon and we will discuss what you want in your icon (style, size, inscription). I will stand by the price that we discuss, no extra fees will be added as the work progresses. Because I work part time from home, it takes me about a month to make each handpainted icon. Please plan ahead for shipping times. If possible, a 2 month window before you need it. Payment is required before shipping

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